Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We actually have SUNSHINE today!! It's wonderful!! I FINALLY got to put a load of clothes outside to dry!! It is supposed to be 78 degrees on Friday-but rain and another front come in on Saturday. I've been gathering everything up to get ready to file our income taxes-YUCK! I'm usually pretty good at keeping up with it through the year-but I didn't do ANY of it this year. Took me ALL afternoon-but I think I'm ready for the w-2's to come in now!! Sure didn't like the totals we spent on feed this year-but at least we know what's IN our meat and eggs! We have a rabbit due next week and the sow is also due next week!!! She lost the whole litter last time-so we are hoping for better results this time. And the milk cow-which Jeff didn't milk but a few times-is really showing-you can see the calf rolling around in her belly!! I have Feb. 2 as her earliest due date-so it's getting close. I'll keep everyone up to date!

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