Monday, January 19, 2009

Slow Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend-things didn't all go as planned- as usual-but it was good. The weather took an unexpected warm turn-so we didn't butcher the last pig. We did go look at travel trailers again and found one with the PERFECT floor plan for us!! But-it was a little out of our price range! So we'll keep looking. Gonna try to go look at one this afternoon and see!
Sunday morning we didn't make it to Church as planned-Jeff wasn't feeling very well. We had plans to meet with our best friends-Sheila and Alfred to go out and eat at Olive Garden and Jeff felt better-so we had a very nice afternoon with them. We even went by Petco and bought new Goldfish for the pond. I also got our income taxes finished and filed! HEH!!!
Today is my last day off before starting my new job in the morning! I'm more than a little nervous-but I'll do fine-a new job is always SOOO nerve racking! I have a list of things to try to get done today to make the rest of the week go smoothly!! I'm gonna try to get an eye exam, too-but the one place I've called is booked for today-the other probally will be too. Oh-still no baby pigs either. But she sure looks ready this morning!!!
Our weather is supposed to stay a little warmer all week. I got some tomato and pepper seeds started here in the house last Thursday and have them sitting close to the wood heater to keep them warm. Hopefully they'll be up in a few more days. It will be tough trying to do a garden this year working full time-but it will be necessary with the shape of the economy right now. We might just have supper a little later a few nights since we'll be out working in the garden!! Sounds like a plan! Have a great day!!!

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