Sunday, January 25, 2009

Productive Weekend

Jeff tilling close to the greenhouse.
The first of the new raised beds. There is broccoli and red cabbage in the back one and the lettuce closer up-the potatoes are in the bed to the right.

Even though Jeff had to work 8 hours yesterday-we still managed to get quite a bit of stuff done this weekend. He hasn't been able to get our tiller started this year-so after he got home-we went and borrowed his brothers'. He had to work on it a little bit to get it started, too. So we did get a small area tilled up and ready to go! Today I got out there and started getting the raised beds in-decision-decisions!! I have a hard time deciding exactly where I want everything to be. I had bought nine-packs of brocolli-red cabbage and romaine lettuce yesterday-so I got them in there this afternoon. I planted some potato eyes that Shorty gave me last weekend and still have red onions to plant-but I'll get them in later this week. We cooked a turkey today and we'll have it and ???? for supper tonight. Jeff's made up a batch of yeast rolls-so we'll be eatin' good!!! I also set 19 eggs in the incubator yesterday-they are due to hatch on Valentine's Day-how special!!hehe One of my aracauna hens just up and died this week-after laying her daily egg-what's up with that? And she's not even a year old! And still NO baby pigs-and the sow is HUGE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, to be getting ready to plant!!! I'm envious! Sorry to hear about your hen, that just happens, sometimes. My parents lost one last week for no apparent reason as well.