Friday, January 9, 2009

Honey Bees & Goldfish Ponds

I let some of the broccoli heads go to flower-OK-it wasn't on purpose-just got lazy I guess. I knew it needed to be cut-but I always remembered it while at work or at 2 in the morning-you know-at times when you can't get to it? Anyway-I was out there yesterday and the flowers were just swarming with honey bees. It made me REALLY glad I had left them-the bees were very much enjoying their afternoon treat! I just wish I could follow them back to their hive and try to capture them-I know that they are from the hive we lost in a swarm a few years back! Randy came in a few minutes ago and said they are all over a Coke can on Julie's front porch,too. This warm weather we're having has got them moving! It's 80 degrees today-but a cold front is due in here around midnight and it won't get out of the 50's tomorrow.

Jordan and Kaytlynn helped me get the goldfish pond cleaned out the other day. It had gotten pretty nasty. We didn't find any of the fish this time-the old ones were a few years old by now. I got it filled back up with CLEAN water yesterday and got both of the pumps back up and going. Now I have to replace the fsh-the grandkids LOVE to feed them-although it usually starts a fight over who's gonna get to feed them!

I watched the 3 youngest girls for Alana this morning so she could go to the Dentist. She's got a bad tooth that will need to be pulled on Jan. 23rd. Mom has to be there next Tuesday for oral surgery to remove some bone fragments from her gums. They told her it wouldn't be an easy experience! Don't know what we're gonna do this weekend-I'm sure we'll find something to get into. We are just SO used to heading to the beach every weekend-sometimes we're still kinda lost! Have a great weekend every one!!!

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