Saturday, December 27, 2008

TrackHoe !!!

Sheila eat your heart out!!! hehe Love ya!!

The neighbors behind us have rented this BIG trackhoe through New Year's to dig themselves a pond. He has loaned it to all of us who need any work done-He's done all he can do. Unfortunately-it started raining( go figure!) AGAIN and now it way too wet to do much. Jeff's older brother, Curtis,Jr. is a whiz operating heavy machinery and he is gonna dig himself a pond. Curtis got the drainage ditch dug for the culvert the county put in the road in front of our house(and put it in at the wrong angle-the water was draining into Jeff's shop). He also got the sweet gum tree pushed around and off the fence that fell during IKE . We were hoping to get some work done on our pond-but with all the rain-it's just to wet for that heavy a piece of equipment in our back pasture. Sure don't want to bury that thing out there!! We got another cold front in this afternoon and the temps dropped 20 degrees in about 20 minutes with rain and thunder.

We're going up to our friends-Sheila and Alfred's-for the evening. They are having some family over for fellowship and snacks-always a GREAT time! With the weather cold and drizzly-we'll probally have to stay inside instead of out around the fire :( We all really enjoy just sitting around an open fire and talking.

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Sheila said...

Tell Curtis to get off my Trac-Hoe!
You really shouldn't have bought me one for Christmas! Jeff can drive it on over and I'll start digging something with it! :)
Happy New Year Yeagers and Much Love to you all!