Monday, October 5, 2009

Big Red!!

Jeff & me went on down to the beach on Friday evening-Friday was just the most beautiful day!! Rain was due to start-but we needed to go down and check on things down there. The sun came up on Saturday morning with a beautiful sunrise-but the clouds quickly moved in. It never rained on us-but was cloudy and a little cool. And boy was it crowded down there this weekend! No one was on the beach-but you couldn't get in sideways at Rollover or any other of our favorite fishing spots! We ended up at the end of Tuna Drive-but weren't getting any bites. Jeff had one of his big fishing rods out and was fishing with a lure. Tim and Candy had come out and Candy and I were sitting and talking-when I saw Jeff's pole just take off! I hollered and took off after it-nearly slipping in the mud and falling down! I could hear Candy laughing behind me-I had to jump a small ditch before I could get to it-But I caught it! I have the bruises under my arm to prove it! I had to fight that big fish to even get him landed and then had to sit down-I was shaking from trying! A guy down there had a net-so Tim and Jeff helped get the fish out of the water-there are big rocks down there and we were scared he'd pull off against them. What Fun!! He was 32 inches long!!
The rain really seems to have set into a pattern here! We stayed home all day yesterday-we came home on Saturday-and worked in the house-the bedroom mostly. We have some remodeling that we never finished-from years back-so I started the cleaning process so we can get in there! The bathroom needs some electrical finished and the tub surround needs to be replaced. The bedroom needs major help-cleaning and the closet door needs to be hung-and not to mention that it needs to be cleaned!! We bought a new bed-in-a-bag and curtains-so it is looking a whole lot better! And we are going to take out the window that is on the deck and put a door there so we can come straight into the bedroom from the hot tub!
The hens are beginning to lay again-We were just about down to having to buy a dozen eggs-whew! I really didn't want to eat those sick looking eggs! They really do seem to be enjoying their new pen! And Jeff's camera picked up just some glowing eyes early yesterday morning-so we put fresh batteries in it last night-we'll check it again this afternoon-hopefully it's a deer! Have a great week!!

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