Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekly Update

OK-I did it again! Just was busy again last week-So I decided to just do a weekly update today! Here goes:

Tuesday-Nov. 18- Started out VEERY early today-Mom had to be in Conroe at the hospital @ 6:00am-so we had to leave here by 5:00. Praise God-everything went well-She has more than 40 % blockage but less than 50%. We were back home by 11:00. She'll have to have more tests to confirm this-but all is well right now!!
Worked for Ann today at the Annex office. All went well-but-boy I'm not used to working a 10 hour day!!
Thursday-Nov. 20-
Worked for Ann today also-And I finished with all the data input I was doing for her @9:00am-that made for a LONG day!! Randy came by the house as soon as I got home-He invited us over to have squirrel dumplings with them for supper. He did a WONDERFUL job cooking them! We ate outside around the fire and just talked and watched the cold front blowing in. Started getting cold-so we came on back home.
Friday-Nov. 21-
Jeff had a follow-up Doc appointment this morning @ 9:00-What a waste of time and a vacation day! The Doc could of told us his chlolestrol was a little high-but not high enough for meds over the phone! But Mom also had an appointment @ 1:00-so we did a little Christmas shopping then took her back-She had to have the first echo-without dye. I'll take her back on the 4th of Dec. for the one with dye. And boy is it COLD-the wind will cut you in two!!
Saturday-Nov. 22-
We went up to Mom's today to get our little trailer. Jordan and Kaytlynn went with us. Shorty took Jordan fishing in their pond-I don't know who had the most FUN!! They caught 2 small brim and the duck ate them. Later that evening-we went and ate Chinese food then did little more Christmas shopping. ANd the Doc told Jeff to start drinking red wine-we aren't drinkers-anyone got a good red wine-we've tried 2-we don't like them-they are bitter or leave a coating in your mouth.
Forgot to mention that the cold front on Thursday night did my greenhouse in!! I give up-but Jeff still had another idea up his sleeve. He but some 45 degree angles in-we made it a little smaller-and bought different plastic for it. It looks a lot better-the next storm will tell if it'll hold. We went and visited this evening with a friend that used to work with Jeff-she'd been battling breast cancer and WON!! She's cancer free!!! We are so happy for JoAnn~~she's having some trouble with viens in her legs-but she's gonna be OK!! A friend from the beach called tonight to check on us-Jeff and Duanne had a good talk. He gave us the phone number of the guy who inspected his sewer system-which you have to get done now to even get your lights turned back on!
Ok-back to today!! I called the guy about the inspection-he said he'd do it today!!! Just sent him the money and he'd send us the certificate!! Finally-something seems to be going right!! I thought I'd have to drive down there to pay him-so this worked great!! I'm cooking a big pork roast for supper in the crock pot-gonna add potatoes and carrots this afternoon and make a loaf of bread in the bread machine. Sure is starting to smell good!!! School is out this whole week and the county office is only open 2 days this week-so I doubt I'll work any at all this week! Maybe I'll get some stuff done around here-might even drag out the Christmas decorations-the girls already have their lights up. We'll probally get the trees this weekend or early next week. We've been going to the same Christmas tree farm for YEARS now-the guy who owns it is always SO friendly!!

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