Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Night Blues

I'm sorry-I've just got a case of the blues. Those who know me personally know that I don't get like this very often!! It's just that for the last 2 days-LOTS of people have asked about the beach house and what we're gonna do and I guess you kinda go through a sort of mourning period after such a loss. We thank God over and over that we are all safe-but we always felt like He gave us that sanctuary on the beach for a reason!!! OK-I know - He's in control and doesn't close a door without opening a window-I just have to be patient. Then my paycheck from the school was short 3 days-they did this last year at Christmas!! Then when I got home the phone was ringing and it was my Mom-she's got to have a heart cath done on Tuesday morning-her stress test showed blockage in the lower part of her heart. She may have to have a stint-she already has several in her legs and if it's really bad-she'll have to have a bypass!!! I'm ready to run away to my beach house for the weekend and hide-oh, I CAN'T!!! And Julie wants me to watch the girls for her tomorrow so she can go shopping with a friend. And since a cold front is blowing in as I type-Jeff wants to butcher 1 of the hogs tomorrow and make sausage-All day job!!! He has to go back to the Doc next Friday-his cholesterol is up and Doc wants to put him on meds. His x-rays showed only mild arthritus in his shoulders-if this is mild-I don 't want to see major!! He can't even put his hands behind his back now! Ok-I got it ALL off my chest (maybe!!!). Sorry I vented on all of you!! Everyone-have a great weekend!!!


Sheila said...

Please don't be sad! But if you must, I have a free shoulder for you anytime you need it! Actually I have TWO of them! :) Love you!

farm mom said...

I hope everything went well with your mom. I know how you feel, heart diseas runs rampant in my family and everyone in it is either having cardiac caths, heart attacks and bi-passes. My 34 yr old cousin had her first heart attack this year, my aunt had a bi-pass and my dad had another cath. It's difficult, my friend. Thinking of you!! xoxo