Monday, November 17, 2008

More Hog Killin' Details

Ok-Farm Mom-this is for you!! Tough things first-Jeff does shoot the hogs. That is the one detail that I don't help with-big chicken-I stay inside til the deed is done. I'm fine with all the helpin' out afterwards-just don't want to be there!!! This hog was 10 months old and was born here on our place. Now the smokehouse-It's about 8X8 and is basiclly a metal shed. It has boards across the top like rafters that we tie material strips to, then loop the sausage links through them. We smoke them overnight over a smoky fire of either hickory or red oak wood. The casings are store bought-but we have cleaned out the hog intestines ourselves when we can't find them in the store. We purchased this grinder last year and it's bigger-and FASTER-than the one we had before-And before that one it was the old fashioned hand cranked one-boy did that take FOREVER!! We usually butcher 2-3 hogs a year-we tend to give alot of the meat away to family and friends-Share the wealth and goodness!! There is a guy Jeff works with that wants him to make sausage for him, too. I just love your enthusiasm-wish you were closer, too-We love to share!!!


farm mom said...

Thank you!! Sorry, hope I didn't overwhelm you with questions! :) And yes, you have one envious Michigander here, wishing to be a southern girl!! :)

ang said...

Oh my word. You guys are goin' to have some good eating this winter. Royce killed a deer two weeks ago, he hunts I process. It doesn't seem quite right.

I do hope he gets one more for the freezer. I really love venison and it is so good for you. Thanks for sharing the process.