Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hog Killin' !!!

Jeff & Randy

Jeff cutting up the goat

Well-Jeff did it!! He killed the biggest hog before 7:00 am this morning. It was quite a bit bigger than he thought once it hit the ground(but that's usually the way it happens anyway). Ang-I'll try to post pics throughout the day for you and let you see how the process goes-the East Texas way! We'll have link sausage in the smokehouse by this evening! YUMMY!!! And thankfully, Randy's here to help out-really he just wants to be able to take a load of sausage home this afternoon-hehe!!! We did get the goat off the bone. Jeff cutting it up-we got a few packages of steaks and we'll probally put some pork with it and make some pan sausage. We'll make jerky out of it, too. Ever eat goat jerky? It's REALLY good stuff!!

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff!! How did he kill it? With a gun? How old was the hog? I wish we were closer, I'd so love to be there to lend a hand and learn from you all!! :)