Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

My broccoli has just gotten SO beautiful! Almost ready to cut-YUMMY!!!!!Aren't these just 2 of the CUTEST things you've ever seen??? There's 2 more just like 'em!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!!! We'll leave in a few hours to go to Jeff's parents house to eat with his family. With him being one of 6 kids and their kids and now grands and great grands-we usually have a big crowd. But with other in-laws to visit-very rarely is EVERYONE there at the same time! It will be open table for the rest of the day with family coming and going at will. I'm gonna fix a banana cream pie, pasta salad, corn casserole and deviled eggs ( great way to use up all those eggs!) Oh-and we only have to go about the length of a football field-we live on family land-Part of the original 80+ acres Jeff's grandfather owned.

Alana and I had a really nice day yesterday. We went into Conroe and got Jordan's and my hair cut. I knew that the last one I got was bad-BUT-little did I realize that there was a 1 1/2 difference in the sides!!! I'm really happy with it now-I've got to go and try to fix it-so we'll see. Then last night we went back to Conroe with Randy to pick up a few things he needed for a surprise he's putting together for Kimberly! I think we'll just stick around here today! Gonna do the Black Friday thing tomorrow-Just at Wal-Mart-I think. Jeff will sit with Julie's kids-She has to be at work there at 5:45am-So Julie, Alana and I will try to pick up the few things that are on sale and then me and Alana will come on back home. Hope it's not TOO crazy-I've had some bad experiences in the past and just started going again last year!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Thoise little bunnies are adorable! :)