Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hog Processin'

Cuttin' up the meat-The smokehouse is the green building in the
Runnin' the meat through the grinder with LOTS of help!!

Two of the BEST helpers in the WORLD!!!

Hangin' the links in the smokehouse

Still gettin' help or maybe advise!!!
Well-Jeff and Randy ended up with 130 lbs of sausage!! We left about 40 lbs in pan sausage and the other 90 is in links that are now smokin' in the smokehouse. We'll take them down in the morning-package them and put 'em in the freezer. The pan sausage I use for meatloaf and spaghetti-it's already seasoned!!! The first batch of the goat jerky is in the dehydrator now and will also be ready in the morning. Good eatin' and NO PRESERVATIVES!!! HOME GROWN!! Good fer ya!!!!

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farm mom said...

Oh wow!! So jealous right now!! :) Okay, you gotta tell me more about the smokehouse. Did you build it yourselves? How does it work exactly? How long will your meat be in there? What did you use for casing the sausage with? That grinder is awesome!! Do you do this every year? Sorry if I'm overwhelming you here, I'm just really interested in all this!! :)