Thursday, March 24, 2011

Girl in Hole/Girl on Pole

Cayden-she climbed down in the whole Grandpa had dug for the new corner post-then-
She climbs up the post after Grandpa sets it in the hole! What a monkey!

The section of new fence! This side is next to the garden-a few feet out from the old fence-so the garden should be safe!!
We transplanted the new Hibiscus next to the new back steps last-along with the gardenias that came up on their own-hopefully they'll all make it! Oh-and 1 Live Oak tree from Jeff's mom. The garden is looking great-the tomatoes are loving the warmer weather. The peppers are slow to adjust-but they should snap out of it OK. We have a few potatoes up-along with a few beets and carrots. We planted more potatoes and carrots on Tuesday. Can't plant anything else until April 1st-so we have to wait til the end of next week to start planting the corn, green beans, and peas.
The chicks are holding their own-we did lose one-but it was the one that we didn't think would survive. Lucy is growing like a weed-and has grown used to our voices. When we get close to the pasture gate-she's starts grunting and running around her pen. She's so cute.
We still need lots of rain, though. We have slight chance around the middle of next week-hope we get some!!

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