Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Week that went by Way Too Fast!

We had a pretty good week this last one. All the kids are finally well-and the other two haven't shown any signs of getting sick. But now I'm having a severe case of allergies due to all the pollen! My voice is almost gone at sometimes-at others-it's just a squeak.
The hens have really picked up this week! We got 9 eggs one day-that means only 2 didn't lay! Seems the average is 6 a day right now. The eggs in the incubator are due to hatch starting Wednesday-hope all Jeff's mother hen work turns out! Jeff moved the cows into the pasture across the road-it was way past time to wean Cheyenne-and it has really been noisey here the last few days-Momma and calf Do NOT like being seperated-but Sugar is due to have a calf sometime soon-we don't have a good date on that one.
The garden is still going slow! Jeff checked on the potatoes this morning before Church-and still no growth showing. Pretty disappointing until we realized it hadn't been very long since he and Mady planted them-just rushing them! My snowpeas are pushing through the dirt-so at least something is showing green! We bought tomato plants and some bell pepper plants yesterday-but we are expecting a cool front tomorrow-with a 50% chance of rain-YEAH!-so we decided to hold off a few days before planting them. We also bought 20 strawberry plants-so those really need to be in the ground, too.
Well-I'm on Spring Break this week!Last night we went to Alfred and Shelia's and spent some time riding the UTV's through the woods and down to the river-then roasted some hotdogs. Once the coyotes started howling-a little too close for comfort for me-we packed everything up and headed back up the hill to the main house! We are going into Houston tomorrow to Reliant Center to see the Dexter Show. Jordan & Cayden are going with us-we'll let them spend some time in the AgVenture area and play around. We were only going to take Jordan-but just couldn't stand to leave CayCay behind. She just has a tendousy to run away-so we'll really have to have a hands on day with her! The smaller girls are just too little and we certainly can't carry them around! Hailey got to go yesterday with her Dad and she'll go again Wednesday with her mom and best friend for the rodeo performance. Anyway-other than tomorrow-we don't have any plans-would like to go fishing on the lake one day-thought about a drive to the beach-but it will be SO crowded down there-and just have some chores and things that need to be done here-as ALWAYS! Oh-well-the week will go by way too fast no matter what we decide to do!

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