Monday, March 7, 2011

Sick Week! :(

OK-we've had enough! How do you explain the fact that 3 of your 5 grandkids have the flu at the same time!! Alana called us @3:00 am this morning-Kaytlynn had 105.3 degrees of fever! We rushed her to the Er-so she maked the 3rd kid with the flu! Hailey and Mady have had it since late last week-Hailey can't go back to school until Wednesday and Kaytlynn can't go back until next Monday-ehich means she gets 2 weeks off for Spring Break! She fell asleep in my lap at the park yesterday during Jordan's birthday party-then stayed curled up in my lap at the ER-I sure hope she hasn't given it to me!!
I planted the snow peas on Saturday-now the hens won't stat out of the garden! But we've gotten 5 eggs a day for nearly the last week!! YEAH!! The eggs in the incubator are due to hatch next week! YEAH, again! We might be getting a pair of young turkeys-the hen has just begun to lay. Still no word from the lady we bought the Dexter's from-I really wish she'd get Fozzie's paper's to me-but I guess I knew better than to buy him without hhis papers in order!

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