Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Spring Break!

Fresh-homegrown grilled hamburgers & link sausage-YumYum!!
Here are the bitties we hatched-only got 7-of 'em-and 2 aren't doing very well-but we'll take 'em!

Here are the snow peas-they are finally taking off-with the help of a few daily visits from the water hose-I sure hate to have to start watering already!

And 1 of the 20 or so tomatoes we planted this week-Early Girl-Beef Steak-Rutgers-Celebrity-Big Boy and 1 Black Cherry.

And 3 days worth of eggs-Aren't they a welcome sight-No more store bought ones for awhile!!

Well the week did go by fast-as usual-and we never did make it to the lake to go fishing-but it was way too windy this week to get the boat out on the water. We worked on a small section of fence, planted the tomatoes and peppers-bell, jalapeno and a type to pickle, stayed 1 night at Mom and Shorty's, went to the Livestock Show, Jeff gave blood, bought groceries, etc.-So we did keep busy. The kids all seem to be ready to go back to school tomorrow. We sure do need it to rain, though!!

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