Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WANTED-For Having TOO Much Fun!!!

Jeff, me, Jordan & Cayden-At the Houston Livestock Show on Monday.
Jordan-Bull Rider

Cayden-Bull Rider
We took Jordan & Cayden down to Houston for the Livestock Show-they had a blast! We spent most of the time at the AgVenture area they had set up for kids. We did get to see the Dexter Show-but there weren't as many entries as I was expecting! I did get to meet one of the ladies who has alot to do with the association and she is going to try to help us get Fozzie's paperwork straight-no promises-but has a few ideas on some things we can do!
The eggs in the incubator are due to hatch tomorrow-and some are beginning to move around-the eggs will start moving and rolling around as the chicks begin to peck their way out-we've even heard some cheeps coming from inside! It is SO hard not to open the lid and check for the beginnings of cracks-but you aren't supposed to open it and let the humidity out.
We got a few tomatoes planted this afternoon-lots more for tomorrow.Got the strawberries in their bed also. The phone just started ringing and we weren't able to get it all finished. Jordan & Kaytlynn were really busy helping-she just loves being in the garden!
It has gotten a little quieter-Sugar and Cheyenne seemed to have gotten over each other for the most part. It is always so hard when it is time to wean them. We got less than an eighth of an inch of rain yesterday-boy we got caught up in some all the way to Houston-so we've started watering the little bit we've planted already. And there's no chance of any the rest of the week-good for Spring Break-but not for the pastures or the garden. We might try to take the boat out on the lake tomorrow-at least it's a thought for now!

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