Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Cabin

Well-they delivered it yesterday-only problem-I didn't realize that my camera wasn't taking pictures until now! I'll have to see about getting some updated ones tomorrow in the daylight. Jeff built the front steps for it today-so we don't have to climb up into it anymore.
One of the rabbits had her litter of bunnies yesterday-more than 5 days early. We didn't have her nestbox ready-so she had them on the wire and since they were early-none made it. :( We got 4 eggs yesterday, too!!-Well-1 the hens broke. Only got 2 today-one was pretty thin shelled-so we gave them some oyster shell tonight.
Jeff has been tinkering with his old mechanic shop. He's closing up the front of it-that faces the road-and opened up the back side-into the pasture. He's parking the tractor and the cub in there now-but it still needs LOTS of clean up. He mechaniced out of it for many years and will now be used more for farm equipment and other STUFF!
The peach trees are starting to bloom and the pastures are really starting to turn green. Jeff & Shorty got the hay field fertilized on Monday-so the hay crop should be great this year-as long as we get enough rain-and it is getting dry out there already! We do have chance of rain this weekend-we sure do need it!