Saturday, October 31, 2009


Look what showed up on the game camera this week!!! We got 32 pictures of him-he left in the early morning hours, then came back at nearly 10 pm that night!

Boy-have we had rain this week! I have poured out 6 inches from the rain gauge in the last 24 hours or so! We had gotten the rest of the seeds planted in the garden on Tuesday-don't know where they are now! :( Hopefully at least a few will sprout somewhere we can find them. It was SO bad that when Jeff moved the cows yesterday-Rainbow sunk up to her belly in the yard-right by the garden! She managed to get herself out-but really scared Jeff!

Jeff didn't work yesterday-the first day the job has told him not to come in! Randy was rained in and several others-Tim & Candy were stuck-Jeff had to take the tractor down to get their road where they could get out. Then broke their waterline!
We are on our way into Cleveland-Jeff has an appointment to get his eyes checked-then on into Conroe-I have to find a pair of shoes to wear to work. My feet are so weird shaped-I have a hard time finding something to fit. For some reason-flipflops just won't work for work or in the winter-unless I wear them with socks! Have a safe and happy Halloween-I'm sure I'll post pics of the grandkids tomorrow-in costume!!


Sheila said...

SWEET BUCK!!! Tell Jeff I'll be specktin some venison and mashed taters for supper real soon!

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Great pic! If he keeps coming around, I guess he is just asking to go to freezer camp at your house!
I don't dare complain about the mud--remember when we were in a drought? Seems so far away now!
Have a great weekend!