Monday, October 12, 2009

Bedroom Remodel

We almost finished it this weekend!! After getting in and OUT of the hot tub Saturday night, we decided really quick that the door had to be put into the bedroom for quick access into the house!! It was nearly 60 degrees outside-but it really feels COLD when you get out of the warm water. So the door went up yesterday-and it looks So good! Now we need to hang the closet door and finish getting things put back in their place. Next-finish the bathroom!

With all the rain we've been getting-our boar's pen was deep in mud. So on Saturday afternoon-we halfed up the sows big pen and gave him half of it. He was really glad to get out of all that mud!! The hen's were laying pretty good again-but with this cool-rainy weather-they have completely stopped laying-again! I bred 2 more does on Saturday afternoon and Ricky sold 2 and delivered them on Friday. We need to get up to Mom's and bring the bull here to service the cows before they start coming back in heat. And we will be needing to start hauling the hay home before too long.

Jeff hasn't gotten anymore pictures of deer on his camera yet. He did get a few of a rabbit and one of Tim's dogs-have to check it again this afternoon. Have a great day!

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Sheila said...

That looks GREAT! You guys did an excellent job!