Monday, October 26, 2009

A-Not as Planned -Weekend!

We had another one!! Our plans were to go to the beach-Sheila and Alfred were going down, too. Then on Friday afternoon-I got a call at work that Jeff's mom had been taken to the ER with chest pains-thank God she is fine-all the test came out negative! We worked in the garden all morning on Saturday-it was SO bad-I wouldn't even take a picture of it! Jeff was murder on a few remaining things-he accidently broke the main stem to the gourd vine off at the ground and cut down both of the grape vines with the lawnmower. I did manage to save a few tomato plants-although they look awful! I got the beets and some squash seeds planted in the greenhouse. Saturday we met Sheila and Alfred and went out to eat-we had a great time!! Sunday we spent cleaning up and gathering firewood. It was SUCH a beautiful weekend-then the rain started in again this morning! Hopefully it will be nice when I get in from work tomorrow-I want to plant the rest of the seeds I have. We are supposed to get another round of rain and cool weather towards the end of the week-then another beautiful weekend ahead. We'd love to head back to the beach-but with Halloween-I don't think the grandkids would forgive us for skipping out on them! My dad had knee replacement surgery today-so he'll be down for awhile. But he never allows any of us to help him out! Ricky sold 6 rabbits for me on Saturday-sure was glad to thin them out a little-the feed is $10.50 a bag now!! So I'm down to 3 does and a buck-there are still 3 fryers that need to be butchered and I have a litter due on Thursday or Friday!

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