Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Way Too Much Time!

We made a quick trip to the beach on Saturday-just to check things out-We had a beautiful hibiscus bloom!

Yes, I let too much time slip by between postings.It's not that we've been that busy-just different things out of the ordinary going on! Halloween saw only 4 of our grandkids trick-or-treating. We've been working on gathering up firewood-we've had a few cool mornings-enough to light a few fires in the heater-just to take the chill off!

Jeff went to the back Dr on Wednesday and hopefully finally got through to him! He put him off work until yesterday. So he did NOTHING for 4 days-boy was it hard for him! He just is not used to doing nothing! But he did a really good job of trying! But when he got back to work yesterday-he found out that since he was only off 2 days-work comp wouldn't pay him for those 2 days-he has to be off over 8 to get paid. We are still waiting on the new Dr. for his evaluation appointment. His Dr has ordered new x-rays-he has had no tests run in over a year. He had a really bad night last night-the only thing we can figure out is the fact that he went to work yesterday after being out for a few days.

The sow has come back into heat-so something is up with her-Jeff says she'll be sausage! We'll probably go ahead and sell the boar. We are also considering taking the cows to auction. Feed has gotten SO expensive and with Jeff's work pattern possibly changing-we are going to have to make some drastic changes. I have already sold all but 4 of my rabbits-I have 2 litters due today-and we have all the chickens-they have started laying again-a little! And with the time change-it is so hard to get out and get anything done before dark!

Well-better go and get ready for work! Have a great day! :)

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