Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful October Weekend!!

Yeager Farm's fall scarecrow!! He welcomes you from the driveway-while he moons you!!
The fish we caught Saturday-minus the 2 Jeff cleaned before he realized we hadn't taken any pictures yet!

It has just been the MOST beautiful weekend!! We went to the beach on Friday evening and spent the evening around a fire with Anne and Duane. Saturday morning was quite cool-but we went fishing anyway. Jeff caught a nice speckled trout-the one I caught was only 13 1/2 inches-so back in he went. Later in the afternoon, we went down to the end of our road and Jeff caught a nice red and then we started catching bull croakers-I have never seen croakers this big!! They were SO much fun to catch! We came on back home this morning-got home about 10:00am.

When we got home, Jeff went to work on the scarecrow. After that was finished, he decided to mow a little, then royally broke the brush hog. Someone had put a chain on it and it slipped into a hole on the deck and twisted the yoke until the u-joint broke. Don't know what that's gonna cost us!

I'm making a pot of homemade chili for supper-no Wolf brand here(Jeff can't stand the stuff!) We might even start a fire in the heater for the first time tonight! We are so glad that the cool temps are finally here!!


Sheila said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the Halloween "Booty" Man!!! That is too darn cute!

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Wasn't it the most beautiful weather we have ever had??
I bet it was especially nice at the coast--love the fish haul!