Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Jeff got his first pictures of a deer! It was late Sunday night/early Monday morning in the pasture across the road-between our house and Jeff's parents. We are so excited! He doesn't have a good rack-but it is the first deer we've captured on the camera!

And Sheila-I locked my keys in my truck yesterday!!! I don't know when I last did that!! Luckily, Jeff was on his way home from work-so he came to my rescue-my hero! But I couldn't help but think of you-all those times in Cleveland!! hehe

I'm still working on my bedroom-with the wasted time yesterday afternoon-I didn't get much done-but I'm slowly making progress! Mostly need to get the dressers cleaned off and find some place to put blankets and other things!?!

Jeff has a big meeting at work today-it's finally here-Rumor has it they are cutting part of the plant to 32 hours-today will tell which sections and for how long. They have very little work-so it's not gonna be good! Belt-tightening time!!!


Sheila said...

Watch it now Susie! I locked my keys in my vehicle a few times but that's nothing to throw up in my face! :) :) :) I like the deer picture. Isn't it great when you start getting something on the camera? I love it! Always a surprise! Come see us when you get the chance. We love you guys!

Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Great pic!! Night vision is the coolest, love it!
Let us know if you get a bigfoot or chupacabra spotting!