Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Week!

Well-we've had another busy week. Jeff's job has had him working strange hours-seems some days his schedule changes daily. On Thursday, they moved him to a place in the plant where he had never worked before. That area works 10 hour days-the extra 2 in the afternoon-so he didn't get home til 6:00. I did all the feeding for him and tried to get as much done as I could to help him out. Same thing on Friday and he had to work Saturday-but got off at 1:30. We got rain again this weekend-so we have gotten about all we want to handle for awhile.
We went to Conroe yesterday-we thought we were going to go to the Trade's day -but they had it the weekend before. But we went on and bought the rest of the tin to finish our roof. With all the rain-we've had several pretty bad leaks in the house! So-it was time to finish what we'd started a few years back.
The swine flu outbreak has not affected our area-hopefully it will stay away. None of our schools or any closely surrounding us have been closed. I still can't believe that so many pigs are being killed unnessesarily.
Stay well and have a great week!

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