Friday, May 22, 2009

Head Start Graduation!!

We've had a pretty busy week-again! Wednesday night, Jordan graduated from Head Start-now he's ready for Kindegarten(and the summer break!) Alana and Julie have both him and Cayden registered for August-don't know if the school district is ready for them, though!

The garden is doing well. I've picked about 3 handfuls of green beans this week-I said earlier they weren't doing well. We have cukes and tomatoes just hanging everywhere-we are just waiting for the first ripe ones! Jeff's corn is looking good-even though it did come up spotty.

We leave for the beach this afternoon-can't wait. The weather guy is now calling for a 40% chance of rain-hope it passes us by! We really don't know at this time who's coming-we've had a few plans change. But whatever-we'll have a great time!


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