Sunday, May 17, 2009


I had a friend ask me about pictures of our cows-I was able to take this one this afternoon before my batteries went dead-Dang-I have to remember to charge those things! It isn't a good one-and I wasn't able to catch Freckles in it. We are still hoping for 2 calves here in the next month or so-then all 3 heifers will go back to Mom's to be rebred for next year's calves!
We sold 2 more pigs today-we only have the 2 left that we will keep to butcher in the fall. The sow will be bred back the next time she comes in heat-probably sometime in the next 2 weeks.
We built fence yesterday and were able to move the cows across the road into the other pasture-they haven't been over there since Hurricane Ike visited us last September. Hard to believe its been that long-and hurricane season starts in less than a month!
We had another MAJOR rain event yesterday evening! We got caught in Wal-Mart with a load of groceries and waited nearly 20 minutes for the rain to let up-it didn't-so we took off in it-Needless to say-everything got soaked!! I don't remember ever getting SO much rain-so close together! It doesn't so much as dry up good before we get another soaking/flooding!
We have a big weekend planned for Memorial Day at the beach-can't wait for the next few days to go by so we can get back down there! Have a great week everyone!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

I love the cows!!!
Have fun at the beach--Happy Memorial Day!