Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Me, Hailey, Mady and Cay Cay on the beach-Mother's Day 2009! (I'm on the phone with Alana!)
The girls hamming it up for the camera! They had SUCH a good time this weekend-they didn't want to go home! (We didn't either :( !!)

Hope all you Mom's out there had a great day! I know I did! We spent the weekend at the beach and it was just beautiful! Jeff, Hailey and I went down on Friday night and Julie came down Saturday morning with the other 2 girls and a friend from work and her 3 boys. Needless to say-all got at least a little sunburned! Saturday morning we got a phone call from Pat & Randy-our neighbors there at the beach and they drove down for the day! Pat had not been down yet-so it was a little tough on her-but she said the not knowing was worse and it wasn't as bad as she was thinking. Also Carolyn showed up-we hadn't seen her since before the storm-she lives in Dallas. She had a camper moved in up in High Island at a park there-so she wouldn't have to find someone to move it for her when a storm was coming-she lives 6 hours away. Pauline and Ricky got their camper moved in Friday also-Duane and Ann are working on theirs- so it won't be long before it's a little back to normal. Can't wait til Memorial Day weekend-we will really have a good time!

The farm and garden are doing well. I have little cucumbers and tomatoes-so it won't be long! We sold 1 pig last week and 3 rabbits and had another litter of bunnies-life goes on in the Spring!

Well-I need to go get ready for work-not too much longer for that either! I only work 11 days after schools out-so that gives me a little time this summer to get some things done around here! Have a great week!

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