Monday, April 27, 2009


Jeff & Jordan spreading the last of the dirt at the beach on Saturday afternoon.
All 5 of the grandkids-they aren't proud of the new toy-are they? Mady is the only one who hasn't "driven" it yet. We have come up with a WHOLE list of chores for the new tractor to do-boy is it gonna be busy for awhile!

Well-we finally bit the bullet and bought a new tractor! We got a Montana with a front-end loader and a brush hog. We took it down to the beach on Saturday afternoon and got the last pile of dirt spread and the grass planted. It's looking better down there. We had to come back home early- Jeff's mom had a slight heart attack and was in the hospital. Thank God-she's OK!!! She has to follow up with her Doc this week.

The garden is looking better. We have a few tomatoes blooming and the cukes and squash are really growing! Jeff's nephew, Jason, brought us 11 baby chicks Saturday morning. His wife, Leigh Ann is a teacher and the class had hatched them out as a class project and I got to keep the babies! Hopefully the coons won't be able to get these! I've put them in a different cage this time!! Have a great week!

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