Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First egg!!

Our daughter, Julie, with the kitchen sink!
The weedeater, crab trap, water key, etc, that we found on the next street in the ditch.
This is what's left of our driveway!!
We got our first egg on Sunday from the hens we hatched in March!! I was SO excited! And got another yesterday!! I'll get a pic of them asap-I'm working this week and Jeff has a Doc appt with the pain management Doc tomorrow-and we're still cleaning up the treasures we found Saturday during our trip to the beach. It looked SO bad-Total devestation! We were finding some of our things-lighthouses-weedeater-crab traps-plates-storm doors on the next street over and several blocks down and everything is buried in the mud. We are planning on going down again on Saturday-just to gather up stuff and leave it on the slab-my old (antique) kitchen sink is against the pilings of the neighbors house. HAve a great day!!

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Grammy said...

How wonderful you got your first eggs. I am glad some of your things can be found. Big hug.