Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Week

And has it been one!! I have to get myself in gear and figure out how I got everything done while working!!! I subbed at the school four days last week and on Wednesday, Jeff had a Doc appt with a new Doc(the jury's still out on him). After that I went and started training at my second part-time job-just 3 hours. I have to work Wednesday and Thursday this week at at another office in the County. Jeff and I went out on our date night on Friday-ate Chinese food and went and bought groceries!! Saturday we went up to my Mom's and picked up our cows-all 3 of them :) ! They were at their place being bred-I hope!! We did lose 1 of the calves while they were there-no apparrant reason-she just layed down and died. So we are down to the 2 momma cows-1 of which Jeff can milk and her heifer calf. I'll get some photos taken asap. Saturday night we went and spent some time with our best friends and grilled some burgers over the fire. We rode the 4-wheeler and their Gator down to the river to see the c abin Alfred has built down there. It is just great-we can't wait for cooler weather so we can spent some time in it! Yesterday we went to Conroe to the Trade's Day event they have twice a year. Nomally they have people set up EVERYWHERE-but it was slim this year. I guess due to the storm. Mostly there were chickens-but no calves, horses-lots of goats, peacocks and doves. Jeff was really wanting to get some turkeys to put on the pasture-but there were only 2 toms-nearly grown and a few Very small chicks. We decided to go ahead and buy the toms, but they'd been sold when we got back around. Waited too long!! One more week of turning eggs in the incubator-we did have 1 rotten one that cracked-Boy did it stink!!! The pullets are teasing us-We might get 1 egg-One day last week we got 2-then none for the next 2 days!! I do have 2 aracaunas in there-so I'm really waiting on a green egg! We got 3 eggs from the old hens yesterday-so I guess their trying to catch the slack!! Maybe they know their soon headed for the stew pot??

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Grammy said...

Sorry to here of your calf. Sounds like you have allot to do.