Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane Ike/Rabbits

All eyes around here are focused on Ike. Latest reports have it making landfall at Rockport during the early hours of Saturday morning. That puts us on the dirty side-'specilly the Beach house. They say that the tide could be a little over 6 foot in Galveston-so that puts it around 3 foot at our place. Since we can see both the Gulf and the Intracoastal Canal from our porch-we do tend to get high water under our house. We are a 2 hour drive from there to here at the farm so we could get some wind and rain.
I finally got to go to work yesterday! I am a substitute teacher at our local school district. I had a class of Kindergarten students. There are so much fun-but you could tell it was only the 11th day of school! They still don't have the whole routine down!
This morning's weather is still and very warm. It tends to start getting like that before a storm. It should reach 96 degrees tomorrow afternoon. We do have a cool front heading this way-it's part of what's steering the Hurricane. I got out and planted a short row of snow peas-the seeds are a little old-so we'll see if they come up (or get washed away!). I also had to put a nest box in with one of my does-she's due tomorrow-but not looking very pregnant. Jeff has gotten way behind on butchering them. We have 4 that have almost gotten to breeding age and 6 from the last kindling that are almost getting too big for fryers. He wants to make sausage from the older ones-we haven't made any in awhile and it's really good!

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