Monday, September 8, 2008


Well-seems our heat and humidity are back!! Last week we had some 60 degree mornings and Fall was definitely in the air-but NOT this morning!! By 8:00 am I was dripping-was working on trying to clean some of my garden beds up. We had bought some tomatoes, lettuce and broccoli plants at Lowe's Saturday(has anyone checked the prices out on these-they too have gotten outrageous!) and I needed to get them in the ground. It has gotten a little breezy this afternoon. We are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Ike-Tracking now shows it heading straight for us with the Beach House right in its close path. I don't wish it on anyone-but we really don't want it here either. And of course, our vacation starts this weekend. Last year at this time Hurricane Humberto made landfall not too far from our place-knocking power lines down for miles. We just took the generator down with us and they had the lights back on Sunday night. We'd never seen so many light company trucks! We were very grateful to all the surrounding companies for their help!

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