Friday, September 5, 2008


Hello from East Texas! We are new to blogging and very unsure as to how all this works but we're gonna give it a try!! We live on a small farm of 5 acres-all of which is not in use at the time. We have 2 cows-1 which we can milk and her heifer calf and 1 other. We also raise hogs on a small scale, have laying hens-9 pullets ready to lay any day now and raise rabbits. We have 2 small gardens-one with raised beds. We do have a buck goat that we kinda inherited a few weeks ago-and I do believe he needs a girlfriend! Again-Hello to all out there and hope to hear from some of you soon!


Grammy said...

Hi, I too am new to blogging. My Mom is a Yeager, so I was surprised to see the name of your farm.

YeagerFarm said...

Wow!! That's neat!! Of course, I married into the family, but as far as I know, the majority of the family-which is QUITE large-is from this area of East Texas. Jeff's grandparent's were William and Anna.

Grammy said...

My Yeager line is from West Virginia. I did Family Tree research in past and found all Yeager's are related from way back when. 16-1700's. in Virginia. Good to meet you. Hope to be friends,
My name is Ernie short for Ernestine I am in Missouri.