Sunday, September 7, 2008


We are usually very busy on the weekends-so I probably won't post during them. Normally we go to the beach on the weekends-we have a small cabin in Gilchrist, Tx in Galveston County. But we stayed home this weekend-gas prices have really put a damper on our summer trips! Anyway-Jeff went fishing on Saturday morning with his Dad and one of his brothers-James. They caught 7 catfish.

I spent the morning making eggrolls. I haven't made them in years. My grandmother and I used to sit for hours making them when I was a kid. I ended up with 22 made from pork and shrimp and 24 from deer meat. And I have to say-they are pretty good!

Today has been spent so far putting a new water heater in Julie's house. It has been quite a job-Jeff and Ricky(Alana's significant other) have had to replace some old plumbing that has just been patched down though the years. I had to make a trip into Cleveland to pick up more pvc pipe and fittings-but I think they're finished with it now!

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