Monday, September 22, 2008

We're Back!!!

We finally(!!!!) got our power back on at 10:00 am this morning!! Thanks to all the linemen from all over the country-we had one crew from California working on our lines! We were very lucky here-only a few trees down and nothing was damaged. It did blow the roofs off the hog pens-but that's minor. On the other hand-if anyone has watched the news coverage-the little town of Gilchrist was totally devastated. Our cabin (and all but 8 of 250+) are all gone. We have not been allowed to reenter as of yet-but our neighbor-Cliff-from the house across the street-got in yesterday and said we do have pilings left and I'm waiting to get some pictures from him that I'll post asap. Our power went out around 3:20 am on Saturday Sept. 12th. The eye passed over us around 7:30am, then the back side of Ike-which was much stronger than the front. So we have been without power for 9 days-gas was almost impossible to find the first few days. We ran the generator only at night to keep the freezer and frig cold. We also went a few days with no eggs-then Jeff found the culprit while gathering eggs-a 4 1/2 foot chicken snake-but he was really skinny. Well-it's great to be back-now I just have to get my house cleaned up and try to get everything back to normal-whatever that that is! :)


Grammy said...

I am so glad to know you are ok. Sorry to here of all the damage and loss of cabin. Big hug.

farm mom said...

So happy to haer you are all right and sustained minimal damamge. Sorry to hear about your cabin though, that's tough. Take Care and welcome back!