Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here's 4 of our goblins-not very scary, though!

We had Homecoming at Church today-a really good time. Lots of good times visiting and of course-way too much to eat! We had our Fall Festival yesterday-a great group of kids showed up and had a blast playing all the games set up. We had movie night afterward-watched "Letters to God"-a real tear jerker!
Yesterday morning Jeff & I went out to breakfast-then went to Cut & Shoot and bought 4 rolls of really nice hay. It is so dry-the grass is nearly gone-although we do have more than some folks do. It was nearly freezing yesterday morning, too! But back to hot this afternoon-but changes are acomin'!! It's supposed to start raining tomorrow night-hopefully it'll set in and rain for a few days-we could sure use it!
Of all things-we're watching HEHAW right now-ain't that just TOO funny! And Jeff's folding clothes. We had a litter of bunnies born yesterday-don't know how many yet-I didn't want to mess with them.
We're going to Waller next weekend to pick up some panels for the barn and the squeeze shoot Jeff wants to build. We need to have a way to give the cows their shots-wormer and tattoes. Glory seems to be getting wider and wider-sure hope she is bred! I really don't have any doubts-but you never know for sure 'til that calf is on the ground!! Still waiting on our registration number so we can get her papers transferred.
We've got a Trick or Treater!! Yeah!!
Have a great week!

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