Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dry Weather!

It is SO dry here! It seems like there is a dust cloud everywhere you look. We didn't get any of the rain this week and now they aren't predicting any til maybe next weekend.
The cows are doing great and I'm looking around for another cow to add to the herd. We are thinking about going to the breeders show at the Houston Livestock show early next year-figured we'd find alot of good info there. I applied for membershipin the ADCA last night and will get Glory transferred into our name asap.
We started working on the garden this week-even though it is so dry. We've got tomatoes, broccoli, onions and buttercrunch lettuce in so far-really don't know what else to put in yet-I know I've got some seeds-just haven't had the time to dig 'em out yet.
We put all the bitties in with the last of the layers-who are only laying 1 egg every other day or so-They are getting along fine and the rooster finally started crowing this week! It was so great to listen to-we haven't had a crowing one in a while-funny how you miss that wonderful noise!!
We're still working on getting the outside of the house finished-we bought 2 bundles of trim on Friday night-painted them yesterday and still didn't get too far-but it sure is looking good. I'll get pics as soon as I think about it again-Just seem to be having trouble remembering to take my camera outside with me.
Granddaddy went back to the home yesterday-he was so much better when we visited with him on Thursday. Daddy has his other knee replaced on Wednesday and Monday week-Shorty has his 2nd cateract surgery-so we'll spend a few days up there in the camper-he'll have to be at the VA early and will have to go back the next day for follow up-so Jeff will be driving him back and forth. He'll also have to keep a close watch on him cause he tends to do more than he's supposed to.
Have a great week!!

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