Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hereford Cow and calf

We got the cow and calf from Shorty last week-both are stunted and look like minis. It really is sad-but we'll make sure that they get plenty to eat and lots of love. Shorty had traded 2 of his calves for the 2 heifers-not knowing that this one was already bred-and she had such a little calf! He's been supplementing milk by bottle because it just doesn't appear that her mom has enough milk. Jeff made a deal with Shorty and they are going to trade our last black heifer for the other hereferd and give Shorty back the calf that she should be carrying now. Our black heifer just looks HUGE around the Dexters!-She just doesn't seem to fit in anymore!
The garden was looking better-but it just got SO hot and it hasn't rained-although we did get a little-small-shower Saturday night-it wasn't enough to make it through the trees-but the grass sure appreciated it! The hogs are growing so nicely-sausage is in the near future! It's been really windy the last few days and we have front on the way-dropping the temps into the high 40's to low 50's-I can't wait-90 degrees in October is just too much!
We have spent the last 2 nights at Mom's-Shorty had his 2nd eye surgury yesterday-and Jeff is on his way to the VA with him for follow up-he seems to be doing well with it. We might go home this afternoon-just depends-Bubba is supposed to help him get some wood split when he gets back. They set the deer feeders up yesterday-Bubba's been seeing 2 really nice bucks in the horse pasture.
Well-I need to get ready for work-lots going on there!

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