Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Dexter Pictures!!

Glory eating "cookies" from my hand-yesterday!! YEAH!!
. And just minutes ago-Fozzie is eating them from Hailey's hand!! She was a little nervous-but the kids need to have healthy respect for them! And of course our Nosey Rosie-aka Pretzel-has to be underfoot with anyone who is in her pasture! She is due anytime in the next 4-6 weeks best I can tell.

They seem to be settling in well-they come up from the back pasture when we call them and are greatly enjoying the belly deep grass. They are still spooked by the pigs and Randy's beagle and the neighbors dogs seem to bother them a bit. They will adjust in time.
Church was good this morning-we had a guest pastor who was quiet spoken-but brought a great message-Are You Ready? I only had 3 in my class and Jeff had his regular group.
Jeff found another hen dead a few minutes ago, too. It was the old one that had survived the coon attacks-so don't know if she died of old age or a busted egg in her. We've got 20 young ones coming on-but not all are pullets and we are having to buy eggs-yuck!
I have a dentist appointment in the morning-another yuck! I have a small cavity in one of my front teeth-last trip to the dentist he said lets wait until it needs to be filled-so I guess now's the time. I hate going to the dentist!
We've been having such beautiful weather-cool and dry-but now we're in a burn ban. We have slight chances of rain the next 3 days-I sure hope we get some of it!
Have a great week!!

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