Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Hog of the Season

Jeff's nephew, Jason, got the first wild hog of the season this afternoon with his bow. He got a nice sow-he's always so excited and fun to spend time with!

Tomorrow-hopefully-I will get to fulfill one of my dreams-I have found some Dexter cows in our area for sale-in my price range. We are planning to go look at them and maybe bring either 2 or 3 home. They are just too cute and if we get to bring them home-I'll post some pictures of them tomorrow night!

The family is doing well-we took Henrietta to the county fair last night-along with Hailey and Cayden. We walked around and checked all the animals out and let the girls ride 1 ride and play 1 game. It was SO dusty-you could hardly breathe!
Our Sunday School classes are going well-I had 7 in my class last week-3 and 4 year olds-but they are so well behaved and such fun to be with! Jeff has had no new people in his class-just the regulars from the last class. He really is trying his hardest to teach-it just doesn't come easy for him. Next week we will listen to the pastor that the search committee is bringing before the church-keep us in your prayers that we make the decision that God wants us to make!


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Congrats on the hog! Yumm!
Have you talked to Melissa about Dexters? Let me know if you need her contact info. If she doesn't have any she can probably tell you who does.
Have a great week!

YeagerFarm said...

Thanks! No, I don't know Melissa-but the lady from CraigsList never did get back in touch with me-so sadly I didn't get my cows today! :( Maybe tomorrow??