Monday, November 1, 2010

Farm Pictures!

The garden still looks pitiful-but the buttercrunch lettuce and broccoli is trying to make a go at it-it just got so hot again after we planted it. It should really enjoy the weather we're expecting the few days! Rain tonight and tomorrow-HOPEFULLY!! The change has sure given me a headache and wrecked havoc on Jeff's back!

Back view of Glory-is that side sticking out or what?? Backside is getting pretty floppy, too!!

Glory, Fozzie and Blackie enjoying a new roll of hay-sure hate to start feeding it now-we still have some grass-and can move them across the road-just trying to space it out as much as possible until it rains (hopefully tonight-did I mention that already?)

Here is my rooster-isn't he beautiful?? Mady noticed him crowing for the first time this morning-she couldn't figure out what that noise was! Julie had to be at work at 6:00am-so she's not used to being over here that early-then she thought it was SO funny that his job was to wake everyone up!!

Jeff put the other doe in with the buck today-so hopefully that means another litter in a month.

It is just so hot and still outside right now-sure hope that means the rain is on the way! Julie has Hailey at the Dentist now getting another tooth pulled-some fillings and some of the stitches out of her tongue. She just got in-she's good for 6 months now-and they'll let the rest of the stitches dissolve.

Don't forget to go vote tomorrow!!

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