Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sorry for the long time between postings-we've been through quite a bit these last few weeks. Jeff's dad went from bad to worse and he went home to be with Jesus in the early morning hours of Sept. 10th. We lost a great little man-but heaven gained a wonderful and loving man!! He will be missed greatly-but we know that he is in a much better place!!
We hatched another incubator of quail eggs-a bigger hatch this time-but lots of them died-have 11 left-and they really need to go outside. The new hens layed about 3 eggs then stopped-I'm gonna have to buy eggs-yuck!
Jeff's been watching Mady nearly everyday for Julie-so they've been busy!! Yesterday they and with Shorty's and Randy's help-took the old patio door out of the kitchen and put in new windows. It looks so good-completely changed the look of the kitchen.
Work is going well-really about snowed under-We have so many computers-old and new to work on-job security!
I'll get pics posted as soon as I can get to it!! Have a great week!!

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