Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekly Update

Randy and Ricky grinding the pork-with their advisory board looking on!
The eggs I won off of ebay-including 2 of my own!

This week would be easiest described on a somewhat daily basis:
Monday-Back to School and work! Jeff set the whole day waiting on a phone call from Social Security that never came!
Tuesday- He finally got the call-they got all his paperwork-but he was denied for SSI because I make too much money-now that's a joke!! Rainbow went over the fence and woke us up at 4:00am. We are getting 100 pictures on average a night of deer! Mostly 2-3 does-but every few nights we get some of different bucks!
Wednesday-Jeff took his Dad to the Doc-they wanted to admit him to the hospital-but he wouldn't have it!. Jeff met me after work and we went to New Waverly and picked up a barrel of corn.
Thursday-Jordan rode with us to Dewey's for feed-he almost managed to get one bag in the back of my truck by himself! Randy's friend Justin shot a sow in his Grandpa's pasture and they brought it here to us. The guys got it all skinned and on ice.
Friday-Jeff went into town for sausage seasoning and casings. At 10:00-it started SNOWING!! It really stuck in Coldspring-it was beautiful!! But-it didn't stick at all at home-so the kids and me-were very diappointed when we got home! So I wasn't able to get any pictures!! Got the pork off the bones-bythat time Jeff was in so much pain-he had to sit down and leave the grinding and packing to Randy and Ricky and the rest of us! He is just so not used to giving up and having someone help him out! And I forgot to count the packs of sausage and we just left it all in pan.
Saturday-I won an ebay auction for eggs early this morning. The seller is in Livingston-so we'll meet her later this afternoon. And boy did we have a freeze this morning! It was totally white this morning-19 degrees on the back porch! We got all the Christmas stuff out and started decorating the livingroom. We went into Livingston and got our tree-what a bummer-we just got it at Wal-Mart this year. We've decided to just get an artificial one at the end of the season to use from now on. We met Helen-the lady with the eggs-so sweet!! I won 12 and she gave me an extra 6. They are a barnyard mix with 1 aracauna and several marans-the really dark ones! So they went into the incubator before bedtime. I really didn't think this one through very well, though-because the eggs won't be ready to hatch until the day after Christmas. So-we'll have to be very careful of them with a houseful of kids!
Sunday-We have a 50% chance of rain today-so I really don't know what's up for today. Our yard looks awful-FULL of leaves. We need to put up the outside lights and I haven't had the chance to check on the garden since all the cold and snow! We haven't even gotten in the hot tub-although we have talked about it! We've just been too tired to do much of anything different!
Have a great week!

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