Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Well, not much to report here! Jeff & I spent the first of the week just hanging out-not doing much. The doe and 2 yearlings continue to show up almost nightly in the front pasture. They had a birthday party at Curtis,Jr.'s last night-so nothing other than the rabbits on the camera last night. Randy & Ricky got alot of firewood stacked for us while we were at the beach-we left Thursday evening-took the tractor-and went to the beach. It was really wet-so we didn't get much work done. Didn't even fish! :( We came on home yesterday morning. We have all the paperwork in to apply for the disabilty insurance and had a call from the Social Security Office in Conroe-so Jeff will have to call them on Monday.
We have a cold front headed our way that is supposed to drop quite a bit of rain over the next few days-temps might get to 50 here tomorrow-And today we have the doors open and it should reach 76-Good ole Texas weather! Have a great day!

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