Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Week Goes by!!

Our visit with Granddaddy on Saturday morning-It was Kaytlynn and Jordan's first visit to the Nursing home-they did great! And he was SO glad to see them! Does his 95 year old self good!

We have had WAY TOO MUCH rain, drizzle and fog-I have had enough-thank you!!! I don't even mind the cold as long as the sun is shining. Everything is just saturated around here!

We separated the calves on Sunday-so it was a pretty noisey night here last night! The cows bellered more than the calves-Randy has gone to spend the night at a friends-he said he was about ready to get a gun last night! He said it sounded like they were standing over his bed-hehe! The eggs in the incubator are doing well so far! Less than 2 weeks left-Jeff has been the mother hen this time!! He gets to turn the eggs!

Jeff went to Houston last Friday for the annual Work Comp visit. It went well-it is only an evaluation visit. We have been filling out SO much paper work! His case is now in the hands of the group in Austin-we sent more papers to them today. He goes back to his Doc on Wednesday-I'm taking the day off to go with him this time. We have so many questions to ask!

Jeff's company Christmas Party was Saturday night. They served bbq-it was really good. We had a great time visiting with friends and Jeff actually won a prize this year!

We have decided to go ahead and take the cows to the sale this weekend. We will keep the calves for the freezer-but our hay isn't good and at this point in time-we really cannot afford to keep them. We will be really sad to see them go. We have also been trying to sell the boar and sow-but no takers yet. Our plans are to use some of the money to fix the yard fences and get a few goats-they will be easier for us to handle. Rainbow got in the garden the other night and ate everything and the brocolli was finally starting to make heads!

Well-that's enough for tonight-gotta check on the deer in awhile!

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