Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rough Weekend

Well-the cows are gone. :( Jeff took them to the sale barn on Friday afternoon. I came in from work sick and running fever-so I didn't go with them. We still have the 3 calves-the heifer will go to Jeff's brother-in-law. We've had a pretty good cold snap around here-it was 29 degrees this morning. Jeff tried to run the saw for a few minutes yesterday-but it nearly killed his back! He suffered all night with it. I'm not much help at the moment-feeling like I do-the flu got me good! I do feel a little better this morning-but still have a little fever and coughing. Jeff's been taking care of everything and says if I'm not better tomorrow-I'm going to the Doc-I'll be better! I have all my Christmas baking to do!

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