Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rough Week-so Far!

Well-I'm still sick! I finally gave in and went to the urgent care clinic yesterday and got 2 shots and 2 prescriptions. I really don't feel too much better today-but I did get a little bit of my cooking done today. Christmas Eve is tomorrow-no stopping it!
We got the check from the sale barn yesterday, too. What a HUGE disappointment!! Mama cow only brought a little over $100! Total of only $739 for all 3 of them. It will pay our taxes for the year-but nothing left over to repair the fences and buy the goats. :( I weaned the pen of bunnies this morning and bred another doe. This is the last day to turn the eggs-they sit now for 3 days before hopefully hatching!
We are supposed to have rough weather over night-another cold front coming through. There have been some tornados way north of us.
Kaytlynn lost one of the caps off her front teeth yesterday-so Alana had to get her in to the dentist this morning to get it fixed before the holidays. Randy works half a day tomorrow-Julie works the whole day-but does have an earlier shift. I believe everything is in place and we are ready for Christmas!-as ready as we're gonna be!
Merry Christmas everyone!!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Merry Christmas!
I hope you feel better soon!