Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jeff & the Hen

Jeff let the chickens out today-he decided he wanted to have free range chickens(hehe)-and you can see right where one decided to spend her time-on the bed of his truck!

Well-we didn't have much luck with the egg hatch-only 8 of the 20 hatched and we had to help each of them out of the shell. Three have since died and one doesn't get around too good by itself. Neither of our eggs hatched-I don't know what happened this time-several of the eggs were rotten! Anyway-I'll take a picture of the remaining ones in a day or two.
We went into Lowe's on Monday and bought a new stove and ordered the microwave/ventahood to go over it. The micro combo was out of stock and should be in tomorrow-so that means a trip into Conroe. Then as luck would have it-our TV in the livingroom died yesterday-we couldn't remember what year we bought it in! So now we are owners of a new flat screen.
We are still waiting on an answer from Social Security on Jeff's back-we really hoped to hear by today-the mail is running late today! We are planning to go spend New Year's Eve with Sheila & Alfred at their cabin on the Trinity River. The sun has FINALLY come out and it is beautiful out right now-it has even warmed up-although another front is due in by midnight and it'll be cool again tomorrow. Jeff plans to butcher Freckles tomorrow-we'll keep the meat on ice for a few days to bleed out-then we'll grind all of it into hamburger. I bought some 1 lb meat sleeves from an ebay store-1's for venison, pork sausage and hamburger. They should make packing up the meat alot simpler.
Have a safe & happy New Year!!

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