Saturday, January 2, 2010

Butcherin' Days!

2 sides of beef!
Fresh ground meat!

We got 'er done! Final tally-43 pounds of ground beef! We are gonna have hamburgers for supper! We left the 2 sides hanging in the tree over night-and was it COLD this morning! It was 25 degrees and the meat was SO cold-I couldn't help cut it up-in just a few minutes my hands hurt awful. It was alot of work for such a small amount-but that is how it is with a dairy calf-not much meat.
We haven't had any pictures of the deer for the last few nights-too much noice, I guess! I also need to clear out my 2009 harvest count and start over. We still have the new micro/vent a hood combo to install. And we are down to only 4 bitties left :( The last ones seem to be very healthy and strong-so maybe they will make it!
Enjoy this beautiful day!!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Congrats on butchering your own--that is an awesome feat!
Yummy is right!